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Coming in 2023...

We are looking forward to launching several new programs in 2023. Find out more below...

Intensive and Self-
Paced Programs

We are excited to offer new self-paced and intensive training programs for 2023.

Assent Based Intervention

Like all of our intensive programs, this program is designed to be highly interactive and provide plenty of real life examples that demonstrate how to design and implement an assent based treatment program for learners of a variety of needs. This program will launch in the Spring of 2023. Stay tuned for dates and details.


Stay tuned for our first ever fully self-paced online program for PT beginners. Learn the Standard Celeration Chart, Modified Mathetics Teaching Strategies, Within and Across Session Data Based Decisions. Unlike Project Blue ™, this online course allows you to move at your own pace through systematically designed instruction that will get you using the basics of Precision Teaching in no time.