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Learn to design instructional programming for neurodivergent learners

We are thrilled to finally offer a training program for Instructional Design!

Our next cohort will run from Feb 1 - May 31, 2023.


@ 12:30-2pm EST / 9:30-11am PST

or 7:30-9pm EST / 4:30-6pm PST.

  • The best way to learn this advanced skillset is with tons of models/examples, lots of practice, and ongoing hands-on coaching.

  • For this reason, we are only offering this as a live virtual intensive training program.

Instructional Design Accelerator

This program is for supervisors and clinicians responsible for treatment planning, goal selection, and instructional programming.

  • Learn a top-down approach to designing instructional programming for learners with complex needs.

  • Master Tiemann & Markle's Instructional Design Process, and use it to program for different types of learning.

  • Walk away with a complete program of your own, including:

    • a component-composite analysis,​

    • instructional materials for all instructional skills/goals, and

    • various instructional strategies to ensure your learners meet outcomes.

Est. 20+ Learning CEUs

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Image by Vardan Papikyan
Learning to Read
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Component Analysis

Discriminate between tool (element), component, and composite skills

Learning Types Analysis

Discriminate between skills and repertoire, and identify which type of learning best fits a skill selected for teaching.

Instructional Sequencing

  • Create individualized sequences of instruction for various learning programs using critical and variable instructional features.

Skill Selection

  • Select appropriate skills to teach based on component/composite relationships

Procedure Selection

  • Match teaching procedures to the type of learning addressed in each instructional program.

Problem Solving

  • Identify learning problems based on data patterns and performance analysis, and propose appropriate solutions.

Meet The Team


Liz Lefebre


20 years clinical experience

Design expertise: 

early to advanced language

intensive skill analysis

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Ali McManus


15 years clinical experience

Design expertise:

community-based instruction

self-advocacy skills


Amy Evans


13 years clinical experience


Design expertise:

academic curriculum

fluency-based instruction

This is NOT an online course

This is an intensive training program to develop your skills and prepare you to design better instruction. We have designed each of the live sessions to be highly interactive, with minimal lecture and maximum meaningful activity. In addition, to provide the best possible experience for all of our learners we are dedicating the time and expertise of three highly experienced designers to provide live coaching during sessions and review your work products between sessions.

Success in achieving the ambitious goals we have for you in this program will require live attendance and full, distraction-free participation. In the business world, opportunities to upskill are provided via coding bootcamps - we see this as a similar experience, but for teachers and behavior analysts!