Organization Membership Overview


Organizations and teams can embark on this transformational journey with Octave through a yearly membership and a train-the-trainer model. The Octave team will directly train your in-house “training team” through a series of online courses and live virtual training sessions. Then your training team will have access to use Octave’s training materials to successfully onboard additional staff members. 


Is OCTAVE a good fit for your organization?


Octave strives to collaborate with other professionals who share our core values of (1) treating those in our care with respect and dignity, (2) continuously striving to do better, and (3) harnessing precision and data to make an impact. If your organization buys into the value of data-based decision making to improve the lives of your learners, then teaming up with Octave can work for you! 


Throughout your time with us, your team will learn the skills needed to execute high-quality Applied Behavior Analysis with precision and standardization. Octave has created a carefully sequenced set of instructional programs and training tools to develop the necessary verbal, contingency-shaped behaviors, and analytical repertoires to confidently implement each new realm of clinical excellence.


Our initial training phase focuses on successful implementation of Precision Teaching. In this phase, your team learns to:


  • Select continuous, dimensional measures of behavior

  • Organize programming into pinpoints and charts

  • Chart, read, and analyze data on the Standard Celeration Chart

  • Make data-based decisions to ensure learner progress

  • Apply Precision Teaching across all aspects of behavior analytic practice

  • Confidently discuss Precision Teaching with colleagues and stakeholders


From here, the possibilities are endless! As your training team continues to onboard staff to a Precision Teaching model with support from the Octave team, they can further develop their skills across relevant areas of behavior analytic practice, such as:

  • Assessment to Treatment Planning

  • Advanced Decision Making

  • Assent-Based Learning

  • Fluency-Based Instruction

  • Content Analysis

  • Error Analysis

  • Component/Composite Analysis

  • Instructional Design

How it works


The sequence is set. The timeline is up to you. 


The Octave team will work with your leadership and training team to determine an appropriate timeline for their learning and for rolling out training to the rest of your organization. 


At a date of your choosing, the training team will be assigned the first course. Each online course is self-paced and includes:

  • Short instructional videos

  • Demonstration & practice across multiple examples

  • Guided activities to check your own understanding

  • Quizzes and competency checks

  • Downloadable resources


Once your trainers have completed the online coursework, they will (1) complete an applied assignment, and (2) meet with the Octave team for a number of live sessions. 


Live sessions vary in purpose depending on the course. Some live sessions will include a facilitated discussion about important topics, while others will include practice activities to firm up newly learned skills. 


All applied assignments will include direct feedback in live sessions until trainers have demonstrated mastery. While direct clinical consulting is not a part of the program, your trainers will have consistent support in creating charts, understanding data, and making intervention and system changes.


Once your training team has completed their coursework in a certain area, they will have access to the materials within our learning management system to roll-out a similar process to train additional staff. Your trainers will be able to assign courses to and monitor the progress of the staff under their supervision. Octave will continue to provide technical support as needed.


This sequence of events is repeated for each new content area. The Octave team will work with your team leaders to determine when the prerequisites are in place for a new content area to be released for your organization to tackle. There is no limit to what you can accomplish within a year of membership at Octave!


Yes, it’s a demanding process! We have designed this process to ensure everyone involved gains the critical background knowledge and skills necessary to implement Precision Teaching and related practices with confidence. After all, we founded Octave to create effective training that produces successful implementation. We intend to live up to that expectation, going well beyond your typical continuing education or consultation experience. We’re confident that it will be worth your effort.

Time commitment


The timeline for roll-out will be specific to your organization, so you can set the expectations for how your team spends their time. We recommend that you plan to allocate time specifically for your staff to engage with course content, complete assignments, prep materials, attend live sessions, and implement what they learn with appropriate supervision.


Courses vary in length, as do the number of live sessions needed for each content area. Scheduling and attending live sessions will need to be a consistent priority among your training team members.


We are currently offering yearly memberships for organizations, within which your organization can access as much training as fits your yearly timeline for training your trainers as well as additional team members.

Are you interested?


If an Octave Membership sounds like what you’ve been looking for, we sincerely hope for the honor and privilege of working with your organization. 


Due to the intensive nature of these services and the time we commit to making it worthwhile for each and every one of our members, we can only accommodate a limited number of new organizations per year. 


Contact us  today to discuss options for moving forward!