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Organization Membership Overview


Organizations and teams can embark on this transformational journey with Octave through a yearly membership. 

By partnering with Octave, you receive automatic discounts for your team members to join any of our training programs. 

The Octave team will work directly with your leadership team to establish and track strategic goals related to implementation of new methods, procedures, and frameworks.

Intensive workshops and professional development days for small and large groups are available upon request.


Is OCTAVE a good fit for your organization?


Octave strives to collaborate with other professionals who share our core values of (1) treating those in our care with respect and dignity, (2) continuously striving to do better, and (3) harnessing precision and data to make an impact. If your organization buys into the value of data-based decision making to improve the lives of your learners, then teaming up with Octave can work for you! 

Contact us if you would like to discuss options for partnering with Octave and/or enrolling your team members in our programs.

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