Program Overview


Project Blue is a 6-month online learning program for aspiring precision teachers who want to implement Precision Teaching in their work with learners.


Precision Teaching is not an easy thing to “dabble” in because it is, by definition, a system that affects measurement, analysis, and decision making. And as you dive deeper, you will inevitably uncover opportunities to adjust programming and interventions as well. Without sufficient training and guidance, completing this shift in mindset and process can be overwhelming.


Joining Project Blue is like having Octave right there with you to navigate. We’ve guided hundreds through this transformational journey before, and we’d love to do that for you, too.


Who is Project Blue for?


Join the program if you have a big heart, and if you believe in the power of science. We work best with those who share our core values of (1) treating those in our care with respect and dignity, (2) continuously striving to do better, and (3) harnessing precision and data to make an impact.


If you buy in to the value of data-based decision making to improve the lives of your learners, then Project Blue is for you! Throughout your time with us, you will learn the skills you need to make a difference with precision and standardization. Project Blue will help you:

  • Select continuous, dimensional measures of behavior

  • Organize programming into pinpoints and charts

  • Chart, read, and analyze data on the Standard Celeration Chart

  • Make data-based decisions to ensure learner progress

  • Apply Precision Teaching across all aspects of behavior analytic practice

  • Confidently discuss Precision Teaching with colleagues and stakeholders


Project Blue is intensive and challenging. There are no plug-and-play programs or guaranteed results. 


Precision Teaching is a fluid, flexible, inductive process of critical thinking and rapid change based on data. That’s why our primary goal is to train you to think like a Precision Teacher -- so you can follow the data to find what works for your unique learners.


We created and sequenced the content and activities in Project Blue specifically to produce the necessary verbal, contingency-shaped, and analytical repertoires needed to confidently implement Precision Teaching

Who can join


This program was designed for practitioners who want to dedicate six months to learning, practicing, and implementing Precision Teaching in their work with learners. The content in Project Blue was designed specifically with behavior analysts in mind, so you'll notice a heavy emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and language instruction typical within the realm of Autism services. You don’t have to be credentialed or working in the field of ABA to join, but we recommend that you come to us with a strong background in behavior analysis or education, a genuine interest in precise measurement systems, and the time and autonomy necessary to implement what you learn in the program in your everyday work with learners.


If what you’re looking for is an opportunity to learn these skills with your clinical team instead of with a group of professionals around the world, then you may want to check out our organization training program instead.



Learn at your own pace, then apply what you learned and get feedback and coaching from us.


Project Blue is like taking intensive online coursework, with a hint of practicum-like application. Think of it as a “flipped classroom” remote advisory program.


You’ll begin with an assessment to determine your entry repertoire with Precision Teaching. Then you’ll be placed at an appropriate starting point based on your current skills. All of the courses in Project Blue include:

  • Short instructional videos

  • Demonstration & practice across multiple examples

  • Guided activities to check your own understanding

  • Quizzes and competency checks

  • Downloadable resources


As you finish up each course, you will have an opportunity to meet with the Octave team to further develop your competencies. During live activities, you will practice your new skills in a supportive environment with other cohort members, where you can receive direct feedback and chart your progress. 


You will also have assignments to implement what you learned in your day job and bring your results back to us for discussion and feedback. While direct clinical consulting is not a part of the program, you will have consistent support in creating charts, understanding your data, and making intervention and system changes.


To participate fully and receive BACB CEUs for Project Blue, you are required to pass course quizzes, complete assignments, attend live sessions, and reach frequency aims on competency checks within a 6-month period. No matter what, you’ll have access to the content in the courses for a full year.


Yes, it’s a demanding process! We designed this program to ensure that you gain critical background knowledge and master the skills necessary to implement Precision Teaching with confidence. After all, we founded Octave to create effective training that produces successful implementation. We intend to live up to that expectation, going well beyond your typical continuing education experience. We’re confident that it will be worth your effort.


Time commitment


We recommend between 2-6 hours per week to engage with course content, complete assignments, prep materials, attend live sessions, and implement with your learners.


As with most training programs, the more you put into Project Blue, the more you’ll get out of it. We know this kind of a schedule isn’t always possible for busy professionals, so we’ve built in some extra flexibility for completing activities. You’ll have 2-3 weeks to complete each course, and another 3+ weeks to complete each assignment and attend a live session.




We are currently running a cohort through Project Blue (August 2021-January 2022). We will update this page as soon as we have more information about when we will launch the next cohort.

We will meet online for live sessions 2-3 times per month. All live sessions will be held on Wednesdays at two alternate times. 


What you’ll need


In addition to your time and enthusiasm, you’ll need a few tools to engage with the program effectively. We recommend that you have high-speed internet and a computer with a webcam and microphone to take courses and attend live sessions. 


If you’re going to be a Precision Teacher, you’ll absolutely need some Standard Celeration Charts! We will provide a few charts to get you started, but you’ll need to order paper charts or purchase charting software within the first month of the program to continue successfully.


We’ll be with you every step of the way


Once you join Project Blue, you’ll have support from experts and like-minded professionals in a safe and encouraging environment.


Exclusive Access to Octave Co-founders. Amy Evans, M.Ed., BCBA, and Liz Lefebre, M.A., BCBA, LBA have extensive experience implementing Precision Teaching in various settings and have been advising professionals in the successful implementation of Precision Teaching for over five years. We are well established as thought leaders in the field of Precision Teaching and are eager to advance the field by sharing what we know. 


A Positive, Supportive Community. Professional development is always more fun with a group! You’ll be joining a global community of lifelong learners who share your values and really “get” what you’re up to. Meet other Precision Teachers in all stages of implementation at live sessions and in course discussions throughout the program. See what others are doing and never hurt for insights and inspiration. We hope to foster meaningful connections so that you’ll have people around the world who are rooting for your success! 


Resources & Guides. As you learn, you’ll have access to guided notes, literature summaries, handouts, and checklists. We continue to build our library of resources to support your learning and implementation needs. 

The Project Blue Curriculum


There are six core topics in this program, organized in carefully sequenced courses to support your learning and implementation. Here’s a summary of the content covered so you can make sure it’s right for you.


Precision Teaching Exploration. Explore what’s possible with Precision Teaching (PT). Discover what PT is all about by diving into data based decisions and uncovering the distinctions between what the Standard Celeration Chart can give you versus other graphing options. Learn the critical features of PT and get excited about becoming a Precision Teacher.


Introduction to the Standard Celeration Chart. The Standard Celeration Chart (SCC) is the primary tool driving the effectiveness of Precision Teaching. Learn the ins and outs of this unique, standardized chart throughout this course. By the end of the course you will be able to chart and interpret your own data on the SCC with confidence and ease.


Pinpointing & Selecting Measures. Pinpointing is the precise naming technology Precision Teachers use to ensure they measure behavior and skills in small, specific, and clear measurable units. Organize your program plans into pinpoints to ensure your charts give you the right kind of data and your interventions target skills in the right ways to make a difference for your learners.


Data Based Decisions. Decision making is a critical component of any measurement system, especially in PT. Collecting data and plotting it on the SCC allows for clear pictures to be seen in data patterns. This course will teach you how to identify those patterns, determine when changes are needed, and select the appropriate type of change to make.


Precision Teaching Rationale and Overview. Learn the rich history of PT, the rationale behind it, and the many discoveries of early Precision Teachers. This course provides the foundational knowledge necessary to discuss PT with colleagues and stakeholders.


Assent-Based Learning. Behaviors indicating withdrawal of assent to receive instruction are managed differently in an assent-based learning model compared to traditional models in ABA that emphasize compliance. This course provides an overview of assent and assent withdrawal, as well as an introduction to implications for behavior analytic practice.


Bonus Materials


When you join Project Blue, you’ll receive a little care package with some important tools to ensure you have what you need to get started. There may be some swag in there for you as well. 


Throughout the duration of your Project Blue experience, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, which will be answered regularly by the Octave team. There will likely be additional instructional sessions to address any needs of the cohort as you and your colleagues make your way through the training content and activities. 


At the conclusion of your six months in Project Blue, you’ll have another six months to review the content within the program, and you will gain access to a few surprise bonuses within our instructional library.

Are you interested?


If Project Blue sounds like what you’ve been looking for, we sincerely hope for the honor and privilege of working with you. 


Due to the intensive nature of this program and the time we commit to making it worthwhile for each and every one of our members, we can only open registration for this program 1-2 times per year. 


We will announce our 2022 cohort schedule as soon as we've confirmed our dates.


Do you provide CEUs?


Absolutely! Octave is a BACB approved ACE Provider, so Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) can accrue CEUs for completing the courses and attending live sessions. If you participate in Project Blue from start to finish, you’ll finish up with a minimum of 15 CEUs.


What will the program cost?


The total cost to participate in Project Blue is $250/month for one year, or you can save a bit by making a one-time payment of $2,500. This is an investment in your clinical and analytical skills that we think will be well worth your time, effort, and money.

Can I bring a friend?


Yes, we encourage you to do so! While we are very excited to build a community of like-minded professionals through Project Blue, we know how awesome it can be to take on a new challenge with a collaborative colleague. That’s why we offer discounts for buddies or small teams who register together. Please contact us directly for a unique discount code for you and your colleague(s) before you register!


Do you offer any discounts or scholarships?


We know that Project Blue is a big investment for professionals on a budget, and we intend to make it worth your while. Currently, the bring-a-friend discount is all that we are able to offer. Octave has plans to launch a scholarship program as soon as we’ve met a few financial benchmarks. Please be patient with us, as we are a new company just starting to grow.


What if I don’t have any learners to implement Precision Teaching with?


We design all of our programs to include a substantial amount of real-life application. Without that, many “aha moments” can be missed. We highly encourage all participants in Project Blue to have at least one “case” to focus on throughout the program. If you don’t currently have any clients/students, or if you are unable to implement changes to data collection, graphing, and other processes at your place of work, then you might reconsider enrolling in Project Blue. 


What if I’m not a behavior analyst?


The content in Project Blue was designed specifically with behavior analysts in mind, so you'll notice a heavy emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and language instruction typical within the realm of Autism services. You don’t have to be credentialed or working in the field of ABA to join, but we recommend that you come to us with a strong background in behavior analysis or education, a genuine interest in precise measurement systems, and the time and autonomy necessary to implement what you learn in the program in your everyday work with learners.


How long do I have access?


The live component of Project Blue lasts for six months, but you will have access to the content and materials within Project Blue for one full year. 


What if I can’t attend the live sessions?


You may have noticed from the description above that Project Blue is much more than a series of symposia or workshops. This program is for those who are serious about learning a set of skills -- and that requires active responding and lots of feedback. Project Blue leverages technology to provide that as much as possible via asynchronous courses, but there are some aspects of this that still require live interactions. For the most complete experience, please confirm that you can attend a majority of the live sessions. We will host live sessions at multiple times to accommodate varied time zones. 


Do you offer BACB supervision?


At this time, Octave does not offer BACB supervision for our clients. If you’re looking for BACB supervision from a precision teacher, or if you’d like to find a practicum site or job opportunity where you can implement Precision Teaching and Assent-Based Learning, you are welcome to contact us. Tell us a bit about your needs - we may have a referral for you!


Do you offer consultation on my cases?


Project Blue includes direct coaching to develop your measurement and data analysis skills, so you will have many opportunities to bring your de-identified data to live sessions and get feedback on your pinpoints, charts, and data-based decisions. However, Octave cannot provide any direct consultation on your clinical cases.


I already know the basics of PT - do you have anything more intermediate or advanced?


Yes! Hang tight -- we are currently developing a series of advanced courses for those who are already using the SCC across their programming but are looking to learn more about instructional design and advanced analysis. Take the Project Blue Entry Skills Assessment to see whether Project Blue is a good fit for you, or if you’re eligible for the advanced course sequence. We anticipate releasing that program in early 2022. 


I want my whole team/company to learn this. Can you help?


Yes! In fact, our primary mission at Octave is to work with organizations to establish systems and processes that support ongoing implementation of Precision Teaching, Assent-Based Learning, and Fluency-Based Instruction. Please contact us directly to learn more about our organization packages.

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