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Are you looking for something more flexible and self-paced? We offer fully online training programs that will get you started practicing the basics of precision teaching. These allow for you to spend 15 minutes a day or 3 hours a day to complete the training modules. 

Add on- direct consultation or feedback to these courses to get a bit more hands-on help and guidance with your learning. 

Self- Paced Programs

Self-Paced Programs

PT Basics self-paced training program- learn the basics of Precision Teaching. A brief overview, learn the basics of the SCC, learn basic Modified Mathetics teaching strategies, and data-based decision making both within session and across session for any teaching arrangement. 

What to Expect

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Expert Led

Learn from experts in the field who bring the skills, knowledge, and clinical experience only found in a handful of practitioners in the world. We'll talk research, practical application, and help you avoid common mistakes.

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Highly Interactive

Our online courses are comprised of video lectures (short and sweet) and built in practice opportunities to immediately apply the skills you are learning. We utilize the latest learning technology to ensure skills are directly applicable.

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Systematically Designed

Our online programs provide much more than your typical CEU or video lecture. We use a thorough instructional design process and frequent response opportunities and feedback to ensure they produce competency.

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